HLA Twin™


  • Two independent algorithms - Consensus Genotyping and Statistical Genotyping
  • Consensus Genotyping:
    • De novo assembly: optimal for fully phased consensus sequences
    • Reference alignment: added analytical confidence, novel allele detection and null allele resolution
  • Analyze data against any version of the IMGT/HLA Database
  • DRB, DQ Linkage Disequilibrium checks


  • 24 Quality Control metrics for confident assignment and detailed troubleshooting
  • Traffic Light System for easy interpretation of genotyping results
  • Whole Gene Consensus sequences for unambiguous allele assignment
  • Complete Novel and Null allele detection

Automation and Integration

  • Fully automated analysis after Illumina sequencing run
  • Export genotyping results - HML, PDF, JSON, XLSX, CSV, TXT and HPRIM
  • Integration with LIMS, such as Histotrac and mTilda
  • Simple assignment and multi-layer approval workflows
  • Simple and customizable allele assignment for ease of use

Flexibility & Scalability

  • Platform independent (available for Windows, Linux and macOS)
  • Desktop and Client-Server versions
  • Customizable analysis and visualization
Note: HLA Twin is sold as part of Holotype HLA and is not available for download from our website. Please contact support@omixon.com for more information.