About Omixon

About Omixon

Omixon is a global molecular diagnostics company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with US offices in Cambridge, MA that commercializes disruptive technologies for clinical and research laboratories.

Omixon is transforming molecular biology innovations into state-of-the-art products in transplant diagnostics which could facilitate genetic testing solutions for transplant centers.

Omixon enables histocompatibility laboratories to bring the benefits of new technologies to improve transplant outcomes. Omixon introduced its first successful commercial NGS-based HLA typing kit and HLA Twin software in 2014. Holotype HLA, an NGS-based HLA genotyping product,  delivers the most accurate high-resolution HLA genotyping available and is used in more than 60+ laboratories worldwide.

Omixon’s research software, the HLA Explore, analyzes data from any sequencing technology and determines HLA genotypes from whole exome/genome sequencing data.

Omixon uses its multidisciplinary competence ranging from bioinformatics, through software engineering to molecular diagnostics to design its products.

Omixon maintains an active research program with a product pipeline focused on pre- and post-transplantation, and HLA genotyping applications beyond transplantation.

Company Milestones

In 2009 we just had a roadmap, ideas and plans to develop a global molecular diagnostics company in the field of Next Generation Sequencing. We managed to find out our direction and have become a significant player on the HLA-typing market.

2011Omixon founded.

2012Seed Funding Milestone, Omixon launches Target software.

2014 MayOmixon announces exclusive license with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for Holotype HLA, Raises Capital, Launches US Office.

2014 SeptOmixon launches Holotype HLA via Early Access, first NGS-based HLA typing product.

2015 FebOmixon expands offices in Budapest.
2016 JanOmixon announces Major Tender Victory in France.
2016 MarchOmixon announces  CE Mark for Holotype HLA.
2017 Omixon launches HLA Explore for HLA Researchers.
2018Omixon launches Monotype ABO molecular typing kit.
2019 Omixon Launches OmniType via Early Access, 11 loci multiplex product for HLA typing by NGS
2020 Omixon announces Omixon launches AzureSeq-200 CE IVD kit For one-step RT-qPCR detection of SARS-CoV-2 via an exclusive agreement with SeqOnce Biosciences
2021 Omixon developed NanoTYPE™, a nanopore-based long-read sequencing technology offering high resolution HLA typing under six hours. At the same time, Omixon entered the post-transplant market with HoloGRAFT™, a laboratory kit monitoring absolute quantity of donor derived cfDNA

Our Expertise

Our Executive Team have spent more than a decade leading Software, NGS and genomics companies. Our Research and Development Team have a mixture of experience in all aspects of molecular diagnostics, with experts in software development, bioinformatics and genomics. Professor Dimitri Monos who serves as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board was one of the pioneers of NGS for HLA, and the inventor of the Holotype. Our major collaborators and key opinion leaders in the HLA community have provided the highest level of leadership within the community for several decades and Omixon has evolved into a global molecular diagnostics company that currently focuses on driving the adoption of NGS in the clinic with Holotype HLA, an NGS-based HLA genotyping Assay and Software product.