Monotype ABO™

NGS-based molecular typing kit for use on Illumina sequencing platforms

Monotype ABO™ is a long-range amplification kit covering Exons 2-7 of the ABO gene, and the resulting libraries can be sequenced on Illumina instruments with 2*150bp paired-end reads.

  • The ABO assay leverages the power of the Holotype HLA™ workflow, providing high throughput and allele level resolution genotyping of the ABO gene.

  • The analysis of molecular level ABO data is supported by HLA Twin™, the most accurate genotyping software for the processing of NGS data.

Product Highlights

  • Only 80 ng of DNA required for amplification
  • Combine up to 576 samples per run ***
  • 4 hours hands on time for 192 samples
  • Less than 48 hours turnaround time from sample to result
  • Automated genotyping after completed sequencing run
  • Two independent algorithm-analysis for allele-level genotyping
  • Supports clinical and research workflows
  • 20 Quality Control metrics for confident assignment
  • Support for Windows, Linux and OSX, standalone and server-client setups
  • ABO libraries can be combined with other libraries for optimized sequencing cost
  • MiniSeq, MiSeq and NextSeq supported
  • Any type of flow cell supported depending on throughput
  • 300 and 500 cycle chemistry supported

ABO Gene Coverage

What is included in the kit?

  • ABO specific primers for 24 or 96 samples
  • Library Preparation Reagents for 24 96 samples
  • 96 Well Adaptor Plate with indexed adaptors
  • NGS Excel Workbook
  • HLA Twin™ - dual algorithm genotyping software

Technical and equipment requirements

  • MiniSeq, MiSeq or NextSeq
  • Thermal Cycler
  • Plate fluorometer or qPCR instrument
  • 64-bit computer with a minimum of 16 GB RAM
  • Library Size Selection: Pippin Prep or Magnetic Beads

All timings are for 192 samples, Monotype ABO v1.0
* Timings are based on the Biomek 4000 by Beckman Coulter.
** On a MiSeq 300-cycle micro flow cell.
*** Lead time for >288 barcodes varies. Consult your local sales representative for an accurate estimated delivery.