Training and Field Support


Omixon provides a range of training, support and services for laboratory protocols and software usage by our expert Field Application Scientists:


  • NGS Education - Improve your knowledge about HLA typing by NGS
  • Product Demos - Protocol viewing at a Reference Lab or join GoToMeeting software demos
  • Evaluation & Lab Training - Hands-on training onsite for Holotype HLA with 5, 3 or 1-day programs
  • Validation & Accreditation - Use our Validation Plan or practice with our Complex Case dataset


  • Omixon has trained over 150 laboratories with Holotype HLA and has more than 50 labs in clinical routine globally. 12 labs are ASHI or CAP accredited in North-America, 6 labs are EFI accredited in Europe. CHOP has typed more than 3,000 patient samples in clinical routine.
  • Omixon has developed expertise in NGS accreditation and can provide templates for preparing for ASHI and EFI accreditation, including blinded software samples for additional practice to prepare you for clinical adoption of Holotype HLA.


  • Product demonstrations are a hands-off approach to learn more about Omixon’s products and have varying requirements depending on whether they are laboratory or software based.
  • For online software demonstrations, Omixon typically uses GoToMeeting, but will visit your site for a day-long software training with all our materials at your request.


  • Evaluating Holotype HLA is always accompanied by "hands-on" training from one of our expert Field Application Scientists that will come onsite to train you, while you perform all of the work yourself.
  • The purpose of the on-site trainings is to learn how to use Holotype HLA in your own lab environment and gain the confidence to perform the assay.
  • Prior to evaluation, the FAS Team will perform a Site Prep Check to optimize the time onsite together. After our time onsite, we will continue to support you with remote Data Analysis walkthroughs of your results and guided examples with our Complex Case Dataset.


  • Omixon supports customers in 15 different timezones and are available 20 hours a day through a combination of our headquarters in Budapest, our US office in Cambridge, MA and our Distributor Support Partners in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Our Support Team include PhD qualified former researchers in bioinformatics, molecular biology and genomics, while our IT specialists and software engineers can navigate the intricacies of any customer’s IT administration with ongoing remote or onsite support as required. 


Please contact or call +1 (617) 500 0790 if you need any further assistance!