HLA Explore™

Features of HLA Explore

  • HLA genotyping for any sequencer: Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio, Nanopore
  • HLA genotyping for any experiment type i.e. targeted exons, targeted whole genes, whole MHC, whole transcriptome, whole exome, or whole genome.
  • Desktop or Client-Server architectures
  • Command line automation for integrations with in-house pipelines
  • Support for external databases (Allele Frequency)
  • Export HML 1.0.1 and PDF Summary Reports

Benefits of HLA Explore

  • Unambiguous third-field genotyping results for targeted exons, whole exome or whole genome data*
  • Flexibility - handles all sequencing data types in FastQ format
  • Customizable - handles all experiment types
  • Speed - high-performance, high throughput, high resolution genotyping for up to 33 HLA loci of the MHC
  • Ease of use - Traffic Light System for interpretation and Summary Reports
*Depends on experimental design 


Omixon HLA Explore is licensed for Desktop computer and Client-Server architectures.

  • HLA Explore "Base" module comes with the majority of features for analysis and interpretation of short read sequence data (Illumina, Ion Torrent/S5) for targeted experimental approaches.
  • Additional modules for Long Read Analysis and Big Data Analysis (WGS and WES) are available.
  • Implemented as a hardware key, "node locked" license.
  • Sold as Annual Subscription Licenses with unlimited analyses.
  • Prices are available upon request. Discounts can be applied for multiple modules and multiple users.

Technical requirements