Advances in HLA Typing: An OmniType Perspective and Sugar Sprinkled Transplants - ABO IN Transplantation
UGM material presented at ASHI 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Host Presenter: Efi Melista (Head of Business Intelligence, Omixon)

Guest Speaker presentations by: Maja Nørgaard, (Aarhus University, Denmark), Anne Halpin (University of Alberta Hospital, Canada)



Analysis of High-Resolution HLA Typing by NGS: Which Tools do we Need?

Presented at the "30 Years Peaceful Revolution - From the Peptide to Treatment" Conference in Leipzig, Germany

Advances in Disease Associations Using NGS-based HLA Typing

Presented at EFI 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal


The Case for Ultra High Resolution Typing for Epitope Matching
Presented at ASHI 2018 in Baltimore, MD, USA


High-throughput Automation of Holotype HLA in Clinical Routine
Presented at EFI 2017 in Mannheim, Germany 


The Economics of NGS
Oral presentation of our poster, The Economics of NGS - A Cost Comparison of NGS Implementations with Legacy Technologies, presented at ASHI 2016 in St. Louis, MO, USA

NGS Accreditation with ASHI Standards
Presented at ASHI 2016 in St. Louis, MO, USA

NGS Accreditation with EFI Standards
Presented at EFI 2016 in Kos, Greece


Omixon Holotype HLA™ – Early Access Program Results
Presented at ASHI 2015 in Savannah, GA, USA

Holotype HLA - EAP Update, Whole Gene Consensus
Presented at EFI 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland