NANOTYPE MONO™ & MONOall™ are Omixon’s latest development specifically designed for single locus testing.

These kits are now available as RUO products (Research Use Only) in 24 and 96 formats.


The fastest sequencing-based HLA genotyping method

NanoTYPE™  is a nanopore-based  long-read sequencing technology offering a revolutionary change in the clinical routine of HLA genotyping.


Monitoring absolute quantity of donor derived cfDNA

HoloGRAFT™  is a the first laboratory kit monitoring absolute quantity of donor derived cfDNA with short turnaround time- from DNA to results in 3 hours.

Holotype HLA™

HLA Assay and Software by NGS

Holotype HLA is an HLA typing Assay, for histocompatibility laboratories that leverages the power of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), for use on Illumina® instruments. It is combined with HLA Twin for automated analysis at ultra-high resolution with almost zero ambiguity.


Digital PCR For Exceptional Sensitivity

Digital PCR (dPCR) represents a technological refinement of the conventional PCR method, providing exceptional sensitivity in detection of low-abundant templates. The crucial step consists in subdividing of the sample to thousands of nanoliter-sized partitions, allowing the PCR reaction to be carried out in each partition individually.


Chimerism Monitoring

The QTRACE® Analysis System is a CE IVD kit intended for routine monitoring of the levels of recipient-derived white blood cells in peripheral blood and/or bone marrow

HLA Twin™

HLA Genotyping Software by NGS

Omixon HLA Twin is the dual-algorithm genotyping software component of Holotype HLA. It has been co-developed with the Assay to deliver the most accurate, high throughput HLA genotyping available.

Training and Field Support

Personalized training sessions to improve knowledge

A variety of training options to users of Holotype HLA, HLA Twin and HLA Explore are available. The seminars are provided either on site or remotely using an online web meeting.