Holotype HLA™

HLA Assay and Software by NGS

Holotype HLA is an HLA typing Assay, for histocompatibility laboratories that leverages the power of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), for use on Illumina® instruments. It is combined with HLA Twin for automated analysis at ultra-high resolution with almost zero ambiguity.

Monotype HLA™

Single-locus HLA Assay and Software

Monotype HLA is an HLA typing Assay for single-locus HLA typing by Next Generation Sequencing for use on Illumina instruments that can be seamlessly integrated with the Holotype HLA workflow or run independently depending on volume.

Monotype ABO™

ABO Typing by NGS

Monotype ABO is a long-range amplification kit covering Exons 2-7 of the ABO gene, and the resulting libraries can be sequenced on Illumina instruments with 2*150bp paired-end reads. The software to analyze the ABO gene is Omixon's HLA Twin, that uses a modified version of the Consensus Genotyping algorithm.

HLA Twin™

HLA Genotyping Software by NGS

Omixon HLA Twin is the dual-algorithm genotyping software component of Holotype HLA. It has been co-developed with the Assay to deliver the most accurate, high throughput HLA genotyping available.

HLA Explore™

HLA Genotyping Software by NGS for genetics/genomics researchers

It is flexible and customizable to handle all sequencing data types from short read technologies such as Illumina and Ion Torrent, as well as newer long-read technologies from Pacific Biosciences and Oxford Nanopore.

Training and Field Support

Personalized training sessions to improve knowledge

A variety of training options to users of Holotype HLA, HLA Twin and HLA Explore are available. The seminars are provided either on site or remotely using an online web meeting.