QTRACE Monitoring For Chimerism


Early detection of transplant rejection or disease relapse is critical for the adjustment of a transplant recipient’s treatment regime, graft survival and higher quality of life for patients. JETA’s products provide best in class solutions for stem cell monitoring and donor-derived cfDNA organ monitoring.

The QTRACE Analysis System (CE IVD) for Chimerism Testing

The QTRACE® Analysis System is a CE IVD kit intended for routine monitoring of the levels of recipient-derived white blood cells in peripheral blood and/or bone marrow. It is designed to detect distinct small insertion/deletion (INDEL) markers in the genome by the highly sensitive qPCR methodology. The QTRACE® Analysis System meets the needs of any research application that requires highly sensitive detection and quantification of the genome of one individual in the background of another individual or individuals.

The QTRACE® Analysis System uses qPCR technology and consists of DNA genotyping plates, 46 individual quantification assays, one reference assay, and TRACE AnalysisSoftware. The QTRACE® INDEL Assays are able to differentiate, and then quantify, the contributors to a human-mixed DNA sample.