Quality Control

Traffic Light System for NGS Data Analysis

  • The Traffic Light System is one of Omixon’s most significant timesaving innovations to simplify interpretation of HLA genotyping results.
  • Two orthogonal algorithms determine the genotype at every locus and are checked for concordance against one another.
  • 24 locus-level Quality Control metrics provide confidence in the assignment and detailed troubleshooting for complex cases.
  • Two green lights allow an analyst to have complete confidence in the genotyping call, with no manual inspection required.

Traffic Light #1 - Algorithm Concordance Check

Evaluates the concordance between the results of the two algorithms.

Traffic Light #2 - Quality Check

Evaluates 24 different quality metrics such as read length, read quality, noise ratio, fragment size, consensus coverage depth, allele imbalance, phasing and more for every locus of every sample.

Data Visualization and Data Statistics

The fragment size distribution gives an indication of the performance of size selection and the quality of the sequencing run.

Allele imbalance metrics are reported for every locus for every sample. Imbalanced alleles are at risk of dropping out.

Technical requirements