Reliable, Reproducible, Repeatable

Holotype HLA is the most accurate and easy to use NGS-based HLA genotyping product. However, the further elimination of human and random error remains a desirable goal for any lab. To ensure reproducibility and repeatability among technical staff and to reduce the possibility of human error, pre-PCR and post-PCR steps of Holotype HLA can be automated on a variety of liquid handling robots. 

Got a liquid handler not listed here? We can customize it to work with Holotype! We can work directly with vendors of liquid handlers and the lab to automate the protocol on any liquid handling system. Email us on

Flexible routines and sample numbers

Holotype HLA comes in three configurations (5, 7 & 11 loci) and two sizes (24 & 96 samples). All kits are splittable to batch just the samples you need, and can also be mixed with Monotype HLA samples (HLA-B, HLA-DQ or custom). Certain liquid handling instruments also have the flexibility to mix up the numbers of samples and loci to match your workflow.

Saving you hands-on time

From gDNA to genotyping result, Holotype HLA has a turnaround time (TAT) of less than 48 hours for 24 samples at 11 loci when sequenced with a 300-Cycle Micro flow cell. When performed manually, the hands on time (HoT) is approximately 4 hours for 24 samples at 11 loci. However, when performed with any liquid handler the HoT can typically be reduced to less than 1 hour.


Holotype HLA 24/7

Holotype HLA 24/11