Welcome to 2020!

Dear Customers and Friends of Omixon,

They say that parenthood changes you and whoever they are, it would seem they are right. In 2019, the extended Omixon family grew with two of our team having children: Miki having his fifth (yeah, seriously!) and myself having my first. I’m sure I have a lot to learn over the coming years from those who’ve already raised delightful young adults. But the more immediate and the more powerful effect has been threefold: 1) to remind me of truths I already know (e.g. the importance of gratitude), 2) to rekindle excitement for activities I already enjoy (e.g. mentoring and leading) and 3) to reignite passion for ideas I’ve already had (can we throw even better parties at conferences? Spoiler: Yes!).

With all this in mind, let’s embrace our inner child and re-evaluate the world through her eyes with a child-inspired summary of Omixon in 2019.

Everyone is bigger than me!

At six years old – six years since becoming part of the HLA community and the launch of Holotype HLA.  It can sometimes be hard to remember what it was like to be one or two… And rightly so! We’ve got all the challenges of being seven, eight and nine ahead of us! And even though we’re six years older (and wiser), those all around us are six years older too! Of course – the difference stays the same despite how we’ve grown from 15 people in 2014, to 48 people at the start of 2019, and now to 60 people as we start 2020. Year on year, the only thing growing faster than the company size is our revenue!

The biggest of our customers is EFS, and 2019 also featured the re-opening of that tender project. Omixon is delighted to have renewed our contract with EFS to extend that partnership through to 2023 – what will the tenders of 2020 have in store for us all?

That’s my toy, but I’ll share it with you!

All kids have a favorite toy – but what’s better than your favorite toy? Well, probably the toy you don’t have yet – the one you want for your birthday! For Omixon’s 2020 birthday our new toy will be OmniType – an elegant multiplex with the fastest turn-around-time and the easiest workflow. Simplicity is beauty, right? Available through Early Access right now, you can test this for yourselves – we want to share our beautiful shiny new toy with you! Do you want to play?

Two other important ways to share our toys are through customer collaborations and our Distribution Network. Our customer collaborations usually result in a scientific poster at ASHI or EFI, a peer-reviewed publication in an immunology journal or even a presentation in one of our User Group Meetings – we love to generate data with you and shine a little light on the excellent research that you do. Our Distributors are a global force, representing Omixon all over the world. If we depend on a Distributor to better serve your region please remember that you can also talk directly to us too – we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at support@omixon.com

Self! Self!

As our infants grow to toddlers, they start to take on more for themselves, and so it is with young companies. Omixon’s RnD has been in-house since February 2018, but with increased grant funding and revenue, our budget has brought us to the point where we expect to have two more Early Access Programs for two more products in 2020. Get ready! This toddler can hold her own milk, feed herself, AND go to the potty! If you want to be part of our Early Access testing, please product@omixon.com. And if becoming part of our team feels like something you would like to do in 2020, please email us at jobs@omixon.com and submit your resume!

How will this toddler grow in 2020?

Welcome to the fun and laughing! Cheers!

dr. Peter Meintjes