THIS IS US: A Letter from CEO, Dr. Peter Meintjes

Dear Customers and Friends of Omixon,

Cue the emotion-grabbing drawn-out string music, cue the slow motion, zoomed-in camera shots focused on faces to capture the true depth of the feelings of the moment, and cue the hazy image filters that send you into the story telling time machine of a blissful 2018 – an Omixontage if you will.

From our Winter Wonderland Sales Kickoff in Boston in January, to the OmiXmas™ holiday party (no rosé tinted glasses necessary), we’ve filled our year with company milestones and personal memories – achievements to celebrate with cake and/or wine (and/or palinka!).

The Big Three

They say “Good Things Come in Threes”, from fairytales to Hollywood, the “rule of three” suggests that things that come in threes are inherently more humorous, satisfying and effective than other numbers of things. What came in threes this year?

Products! Holotype HLA V3 (that’s a Big Three all on its own!) was launched this year, and it’s not just good, it’s great!

Parties! Masquerade Party in Venice, Italy at EFI, Games and Drinks in Baltimore, MD at ASHI, OmiXmas™ Christmas Party in Visegrad, Hungary. Make sure you join us in Lisbon and Pittsburg!

Traditions! Three great traditions at Omixon are the Omixon Oscars (Company Awards), Omixon Photobooths (at Customer Parties), Omixon Original Parody Videos (Conference Marketing). While we can’t usually fit you into the Oscars or the Parody Videos, be sure to sign up for conferences and join us at our parties!

The New Year and a Crystal Ball

Nobody knows for sure what the future holds, but we are the authors of our own destiny. So let’s stare into the Crystal Ball and to make a couple of predictions based on our vision and strategy for 2019.

Standing at 49 people, Omixon will cross that 50-person threshold as we continue to grow in all major markets – The Americas, EMEA and Asia. We’ll get there with the support of our Distributor Network that will grow by another 10 or more countries and territories. We’ll knock down walls in our office to expand our operations in Budapest, we’ll create a new department to support our internal operations, and we’ll cover our workplace with Omixon Swag, Omixon Science (poster reprints from our conferences) and Omixon Culture: that’s fun, food and drink! (email to join our Team)

With Holotype HLA V3 out the door, we’ll continue to push the boundaries of product evolution, both for existing products and something new. We’ll power through audits, and register our IVDs in at least three markets outside of Europe. We’ll set up our Centers of Excellence – a global partner network with mutual benefits that allow Omixon to better deliver to the HLA Community.

In everything we do, we will have fun, because “we take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves” to create an environment worth working in. Our presence in Lisbon will be both “Friendsly (sic) and Legen… wait for it… dary”. Reports from the AP rated Omixon #1 in parties, and while that’s a lot to continue to live up to, fun has a way of making the extra effort all worthwhile.

Will the Best Things Come in Threes again? Or will we squeeze in a bonus fourth of everything in what is sure to be a year we’ll always want to rewind and watch again?

Welcome to 2019! Cheers!