Happy Holidays from Omixon!


From all of us at Omixon, we wish you a very happy Holiday season – without you, this year would not have been this eventful, successful and exciting.

Happy Ho-Ho-Holotyping!

Looking forward to working with you in 2019!

Omixon Team


Omixon Holiday Song – Rudolf the Red-coat Lab Tech

You know Monos and Maiers and Gatreaux and Askar

Kamoun and Raja and Fossey and Keown

But do recall the most famous Director of all?

Rudolf the red-coat Lab Tech, had a very shiny coat

And if you ever saw it, you would have to say he’s dope

All of the other lab techs, used to call him Doctor D

That’s cos thorough knowledge

Could trounce all director’s expertise

Then one foggy snowy eve

Arrived a donor’s heart

Rudolf with your coat so bright

Please match me before its light

Then all the other Lab Techs

Shouted out his name with glee

Rudolf the red-coat Lab Tech

You’re a part of history!