Omixon Global Distribution

In preparation for the full commercialization of Holotype HLA, following a very successful Early Access Program (EAP), we are proud to announce recent additions and new partners in our distributors’ team – welcome to our team GenPlus and Biotron Healthcare, which are now Omixon’s exclusive distributors in Turkey and India, respectively.


Turkey has a strong HLA typing potential since relatively high numbers of solid organ and bone marrow transplantations takes place on a yearly basis. There are reportedly up to 500,000 HLA typings carried out every year and our partner, GenPlus, is very well connected within the HLA community.


Biotron Healthcare will be Omixon’s contact in India, a strategic country in our expansion into Asia. HLA typing has been traditionally carried by low resolution techniques but NGS is becoming more and more prominent and we are confident on Biotron’s expertise and capillary coverage of this huge country.

During our EAP for Holotype HLA, early adopters have generally come from Europe and North America. However, more and more countries around the world are adopting Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for HLA Genotyping. Omixon is very excited to extend the benefit of Holotype HLA into new geographical areas, and will continue to grow our network of distributors in key countries.

Visit our Distributors page on our website, or contact for more information about our growing distribution network.