Omixon Biocomputing Ltd is sponsoring PTx Session 6 – Personalized Therapeutics

We are happy to announce that Omixon Biocomputing Ltd is sponsoring PTx Session 6, Personalized Therapeutics!

The Personalized Therapeutics session will be moderated by Amanda Cunningham from UBC, and it takes place on Tuesday, December 13th starting at 11 am. Speakers for this session are:

  • Chris Blosser from University of Washington, USA
    • DETECT - Opportunity for Precision Diagnostics in Cancer & Transplant to Guide Personalized Medicine
  • Ali Zarrinpar from University of Florida, USA
    • Phenotypic Personalized Medicine in Transplantation
  • Klemens Budde from Charité, Germany (virtual)
    • Personalized immunosuppressive treatment
  • Industry Spotlight by Attila Bérces, the Founder and CEO of Omixon Biocomputing Ltd

There is still time to register for this free symposium! Please register here for virtual participation before December 11th! For in-person participation, please email us at to inquire about possible availability.