Introduction of HLA Twin v3.0, ABO Typing and Interesting HLA Typing Cases
Presenters: Efi Melista, Dr. Libor Kolesár (Omixon)


Automating Holotype HLA on Biomek 4000
Presenters: Tim Hague, Marcello Scala (Omixon)
Guest Speaker: Dr. Mette Christiansen (Aarhus University Hospital)


Changes on Allele Frequencies Net Database to Support NGS in Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics
Presenters: Marcello Scala, Dr. Peter Meintjes (Omixon)
Guest Speaker: Prof. Derek Middleton (Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital)


The Holotype HLA™ Typing System – Optimizing NGS to Address the HLA Typing Challenge
Presenters: Tim Hague, Craig Funnell (Omixon)
Guest Speaker: Prof. Dimitri Monos (The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)

Holotype HLA™ – The Green Light for NGS
Presenters: Efi Melista, Agnes Pasztor (Omixon)
Guest Speakers: Dr. Deborah Ferriola & Dr. Jamie Duke (The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)


Rare & Null Allele Detection with Omixon HLA Twin™
Presenters: Tim Hague, Craig Funnell, Agnes Pasztor (Omixon)

Holotype HLA™ – A Better Way to Genotype
Presenter: Dr. Peter Meintjes (Omixon)

HLA in Oncology Research
Presenters: Cesare Spadoni, Agnes Pasztor (Omixon)


HLA Typing from Whole Exome, Whole Genome NGS Data