HLA Explore – New Genotyping Software for HLA by NGS

Omixon announce the public release of HLA Explore 1.4. HLA Explore is HLA genotyping software for genetics/genomics researchers for the analysis and interpretation of any NGS data. It is high-performance, high-throughput and high-resolution multi-sample software for genotyping analysis, interpretation and reporting.

The software – featured to analyse data from any experiment type – has been updated with a new Long Read Analysis Module, featuring PacBio data analysis, with Oxford Nanopore still in development, and with the Big Data Module for whole exome and whole genome data analysis.

New features

  • HLA Explore – primary module for HLA genotyping
    • Linkage Disequilibrium (LD) extended to cover DQB1 and DQA1 in addition to DRB3/4/5
    • Workflow assignment and approval features
    • Context sensitive guide for the HLA browser
  • Big Data Module – analysis options for whole exome and whole genome data added to Advanced HLA typing wizard
    • Independent filtering
  • Long Read Module – analysis options for long read technologies
    • PacBio analysis
    • Standalone toolset for hdf5 conversion and demultiplexing

Improvements and bugfixes

  • Fixed display issues with DRB3/4/5 results
  • Improved memory settings
    • On first use popup, warning if insufficient memory configured
    • Recommendation for memory settings on installation


Please contact support@omixon.com to receive a trial licence for HLA Explore or to become an alpha tester for the upcoming Nanopore analysis tool.