Omixon’s Developers Attended the SMRTLeiden Meeting 2017

After last year’s success the second SMRTLeiden Meeting was held between May 2nd and 4th, at Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands. The conference included two events: the SMRT Scientific Symposium and the second European SMRT Informatics Developers Meeting. The two-day long Scientific Symposium featured presentations from key experts and opinion leaders sharing their scientific discoveries and novel analytical achievements using PacBio® sequencing platforms. This event was packed with inspirational lectures that highlighted the latest achievements in various fields: from microbes to human health. Among other interesting scientific achievements Julie Karl from the University of Wisconsin-Madison explained how her group performed comprehensive MHC class I haplotype analysis of 100 cynomolgus macaques, many of which were of known relation to each other making it possible to do a phylogenetic analysis.


The one-day long collaborative Developers Conference focused on discussions about developing and improving analysis tools for PacBio SMRT sequencing data. The event started with a keynote lecture by Gene Myers and several short presentations, which was followed by in-person brainstorming and idea exchange among software developers and the bioinformatics community. The participants concentrated on advancement of new and existing open-source tools for de novo assembly, genome phasing, structural variations and base modification.


Péter Tóth, Panna Vass and András Fejes from Omixon attended SMRTLeiden

Written by Panna Vass (Bioinformatician, Omixon)