Automated NGS-based HLA Typing and Epitope Matching at the 44th ASHI Annual Meeting 2018

Omixon announce today that Holotype HLA and other Omixon products will be featured among nine posters produced by customers or collaborators at the annual meeting of the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) in Baltimore, MD. Additionally, Omixon’s Lunch Symposium on Thursday 10/4 will focus on the importance of NGS in transplantation and future of using epitope matching in routine for solid organ and bone marrow transplantation.

The customer poster presentations will highlight the use of Holotype HLA in three major areas: 1) as a robust and validated technology for the HLA community (P002, P008, P108), 2) as a useful technology for clinical labs (e.g. novel allele detection, P013) and 3) as a useful technology for scientific advancement (e.g. population genetics, P060 & P075, or disease associations P082 & P084). “While the predominant use of Holotype HLA is in histocompatibility labs for clinical HLA typing, NGS continues to demonstrate additional utility in advancing the science of HLA and the field of transplantation more generally”, says Dan Mancuso, Market Development Director at Omixon.

Omixon will host two major events during the ASHI Meeting: a User Group Meeting (UGM) focused on education, training and technology for existing/new customers by existing customers and a Lunch Symposium featuring presentations from KOLs on leading scientific advancements. The UGM will focus on the advanced capabilities of Holotype HLA and HLA Twin when dealing with complex clinical challenges and the automation of Holotype HLA for routine clinical results. Omixon’s Head of Product, Efi Melista, says “Leveraging real data and real experiences is one of the best ways to learn and to transfer knowledge within any scientific community. During the UGM, we and current Holotype HLA users, intend to focus on the practical, day-to-day challenges associated with NGS whether for research, validation of the method or using it in clinical routine.”

Of particular interest at the Lunch Symposium from 12:30-2:20pm on 10/4 is a focus on epitope matching from NGS data, a key advancement that Omixon is pioneering through its partnership with PIRCHE. “Using epitope matching routinely for solid organ and bone marrow transplants is an exciting new direction in transplantation, and is perfectly aligned with the high resolution NGS data generated by Holotype HLA”, says Efi Melista. Sallyanne Fossey from the Dialysis Clinic Incorporated will start the Symposium by highlighting the advantages of high throughput automation of Holotype HLA and rapid accreditation under ASHI in a solid organ lab. Following that, Julie Houp from the University of Alabama will discuss the approach of epitope matching and the new opportunities of epitope matching from NGS data, while Karen Sherwood from Vancouver General Hospital will present an outcomes-based analysis of epitopes on transplant recipients, typed by NGS with Holotype HLA and will share further insights into epitope research being conducted at her institution as part of a high-profile Genome Canada project.

Dan Mancuso, Market Development Director for the Americas at Omixon, says “It’s an exciting time in Transplantation as NGS continues to defining the frontier of a new ‘Gold Standard’ technology. At Omixon, we pride ourselves in our ability to push the frontier further and look forward to serving the HLA Community with new products, upgrades to current products and superior technical support. New emerging markets such as Immunotherapy, Immuno-oncology and Drug Sensitivity testing will further demonstrate the importance of HLA and we look forward to forming new partnerships in these areas as well as growing our partnerships in the current clinical Bone Marrow, Solid Organ and Disease Association testing sites across the globe.  All of these efforts of course will be focused on our main goal – to do our part in helping patients and to work to make their lives better”.

Omixon at ASHI 2018

Oct 1-5 | Omixon will be exhibiting at Booth #102 throughout the conference

Oct 1, 1:00-5:00pm | Interactive User Group Meeting (Courtyard Marriott Downtown)

Oct 2-4 | 30-minute HLA Twin live software demos at the Omixon booth (email for an appointment)

Oct 4, 12:30-2:20pm | The Case for Ultra High Resolution Typing for Epitope Matching – Lunchtime Symposium

Omixon featured in posters at ASHI 2018

P002  | Kong et al. (2018) – Standard duo typing of 1196 specimens revealed a strategy of use Next Generation Sequencing as a standalone HLA typing method in clinical laboratory

P008  | Cita et al. (2018) – ASHI validation with Holotype HLA for high resolution typing

P013  | Duellman et al. (2018) – Steps leading to discovery of a rare allele

P060  | Bettinotti et al. (2018) – Characterization of 108 genomic DNA reference materials for 11 HLA loci: A GeT-RM collaborative project

P075 | Tarassi et al (2018) – Extended HLA haplotypes in a greek population by NGS technology

P082  | Profaizer et al. (2018) – HLA disease association testing by NGS: Is it superior to other methods?

P084 | M. Porto et al. (2018) – Type 1 diabetes DQA1~DQB1~DRB1 haplotypes in an admixed brazilian population

P100 | Zou et al. (2018) – Complete single MICA gene sequencing-based typing using Next Generation Sequencers

P108 | Alizadeh et al. (2018) – From the sample to donor/recipient compatibility: A comprehensive range of laboratory reagents and equipment for NGS-based genotyping of classical and non-classical HLA genes  

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