Omixon releases Omixon Target for next generation sequencing data analysis for diagnostics

Budapest, Hungary – Today, 30 May 2012, Omixon – a genomic software company –   announced the commercial release of Omixon Target, a next generation sequencing analysis software for targeted sequencing. Omixon built its new software Target with the vision of helping diagnostic labs to adapt next generation sequencing to replace and complement traditional capillary Sanger sequencing.

Target was designed “with diagnostics in mind” explains Tim Hague, CTO of Omixon. ”It was built for precision and it is undergoing various levels of validation. Target is the first NGS tool to introduce analysis quality control based on repeat analysis with mutated reference as well as with simulated short reads. This gives a realistic indication of false discovery rates for the given target.”

“We are using next-generation sequencing techniques to advance patient care at Almac and we know that accurate data and meaningful data interpretation are dependent upon employing the best analysis tools and techniques.” Said Gavin Oliver, bioinformatics team leader at Almac.  “Omixon fully understand this requirement and are creating highly-tuned software solutions that will empower scientists by removing much of the uncertainty from these complex analyses.”

CEO of Omixon, Atiila Berces, adds, ” Targeted, or amplicon based sequencing is the method of choice for diagnosing several genetic disorders, screening for hereditary mutations of disease susceptibility genes or matching donors and recipients of organ transplantations. These targeted amplicons are increasingly sequenced by next generation sequencing. Each diagnostic target presents different analysis challenges from a computational standpoint.  The sensitive detection of long insertions and deletions is crucial for several oncogenes, while the immune system related genes show orders of higher genetic diversity. Omixon Target uses profiles with parameters set up for the particular gene target, which guaranties the highest possible precision for diverse situation.”