Omixon releases free next generation sequencing simulation and analysis quality control service

Budapest, Hungary – Today,17 Apr 2012, Omixon announced the release of a free NGS data simulation service that will help to validate data analysis. Analysis errors are still a significant source of false discovery in next generation sequencing (NGS). This free service can help scientists to understand and eliminate analysis errors.  Currently the service enables the generation of simulated, targeted human NGS data.

“NGS is rapidly being adapted by clinical and research laboratories worldwide. Easy to use analytical methods and software tools that aid the generation of accurate results are critical for the success of this ground breaking new technology.” Said Dr. Lajos Pusztai, Professor at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

While excellent simulation tools are available it is not always straightforward how to implement them and it is not easy to compare the input with the computed variants. With Omixon’s simulation service, we make the benefits of these simulations available to a wide range of users with an easy-to-use web interface and automated comparison of results.

CEO of Omixon, Atiila Berces, adds, “Our simlation service is a first step in our validation effort to make next generation sequencing relevant to diagnostics. Simultations provide quality control for next generation sequencing analysis and help diagnostics labs to assess the precision of NGS for their particular genetic tests. Diagnostic targets differ in mutation rate, GC content, repetative elements and in possible variants. Some HLA exons carry 100 times the mutation rate of the human tumor supressor gene BRCA, for example. Consequently the best protocols and best analysis solutions or parametrization will differ from target to target. “