Omixon HLA Twin RUO 2.5.0 New Release

We are excited to announce a release for HLA Twin RUO version 2.5.0. – the world’s most accurate, high throughput HLA genotyping software.

Here is the list of new features and improvements:

New features and improvements

  • Holotype HLA v2 kit support: Assay version selector allows user to select the right assay version for analysis.
  • IMGT/HLA database version was released:
    • HLA-DRB1*09:01:02 allele extension was removed
    • Erroneous HLA-DRB1*14:13 allele sequence was replaced with record from IMGT/HLA 3.30.0
    • The database was validated with the following software versions: Omixon HLA Twin 2.1.3 CE & RUO, Omixon HLA Twin 2.1.4 CE & RUO and Omixon HLA Twin 2.5.0 RUO. For other software versions, each laboratory is advised to do its own internal validation.
  • Distributed typing service for batch analysis and filtering tasks to run in parallel in a client-server environment
  • Existing user accounts cannot be deleted through the UI; option to disable or reactivate user accounts for administrators
  • New export options:
    • JSON export for result files
    • Fasta export for consensus sequences
    • Export result files to PDF/HML with or without LD data
  • Re-Analyse button for result files added
  • Improved automated analysis options: predefined time values for triggering analysis
  • File system access rights on the HLA Typing dashboard
  • Pause/resume option for analysis tasks removed from client-server installations
  • Improved “Targeted Gene List” loading during analysis configuration


  • Algorithm improvement to fix reported false allele calls
  • Spot noise calculation was fixed for reported special cases
  • Temporary file cleanup fix to avoid losing files still in use
  • Fix for inconsistent display of missing genotype markups
  • Amino acid track fixes for special cases
  • HML export fix: best matching alleles are always exported now
  • Genome browser bug resulting in “rainbow effect”
  • Continuous consensus QC metric corrected
  • Bugs related to result approval were fixed:
    • Commenting on approved results isn’t possible any more
    • Result approval buttons work consistently with all precision settings


If you have an older version of HLA Twin and want to upgrade to the latest version, or if you would like assistance with anything else, please contact or create a MyOmixon Account to be the first to get more information on our products and get notified whenever we upload new documents.