Meet Our New Field Application Scientist in Europe, Dr. Libor Kolesár

Libor_KolesarWe are happy to announce that Dr. Libor Kolesár has recently joined our European FAS Team.
Libor is the former co-director of the HLA Laboratory at the Department of Immunogenetics in IKEM, Prague, Czech Republic, where he spent 12 years of his career. During that period he achieved his PhD degree in Immunology and Specialization. He is skilled in HLA typing, HLA antibody screening and identification. His laboratory experiences include introduction of SBT and different SSOP techniques, not to mention the deep knowledge of different laboratory analytical softwares. He was responsible for the management of quality assurance. He also works as an external auditor for Domestic Institute for Accreditation. He is a co-author of several original papers preferentially aimed at the genetics of HLA and cytokines.
Libor’s LinkedIn profile