Omixon Announces Holotype HLA v2 Products are CE Certified

Omixon has announced that it has received CE Certificate for the v2 protocol of its world leading Holotype HLA Typing Kit. It certifies that all v2 products comply with IVD Directive 98/79/EC to commercialize the new version products as IVD in Europe.
Holotype HLA Configurations deliver improved amplification robustness, increased allele coverage across Class II loci and decreased library preparation turnaround compared to the previous version of the product. The v2 protocol is optimized for the use of bead-based size selection method enhancing automation and higher throughput on all flow cells, but those who used Pippin Prep before may continue with their current method.
With all the time savings using the v2 Holotype HLA protocol, enjoy the fastest and easiest NGS-based protocol available!
CE Certified Product Configurations:
Holotype HLA 24/7 – Configuration A1 & CE (REF H52)
Holotype HLA 96/7 – Configuration A & CE (REF H32)
Holotype HLA 96/7 – Configuration B & CE (REF H34)
Holotype HLA 96/11 – Configuration A & CE v2 (REF H72)
Holotype HLA 96/11 – Configuration B & CE v2 (REF H76)
Holotype HLA 24/11 – Configuration A1 & CE v2 (REF H62)
Holotype HLA 24/11 – Configuration A2 & CE v2 (REF H64)
Holotype HLA 24/11 – Configuration A3 & CE v2 (REF H66)
Holotype HLA 24/11 – Configuration A4 & CE v2 (REF H68)
Holotype HLA 96/7 – Configuration A & CE v2 (REF H32.1)
Holotype HLA 96/7 – Configuration B & CE v2 (REF H34.1)
Holotype HLA 24/7 – Configuration A1 & CE v2 (REF H52.1)
Holotype HLA 24/7 – Configuration A2 & CE v2 (REF H56)
Holotype HLA 24/7 – Configuration A3 & CE v2 (REF H58)
Holotype HLA 24/7 – Configuration A4 & CE v2 (REF H60)
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