What’s New in HLA Twin 1.1.4?


Omixon is pleased to announce that HLA Twin 1.1.4 version is now available. This latest version provides users with an updated interface as well as many improvements meant to help them easily use the software with even greater efficiency.

The new version of HLA Twin 1.1.4 software adds the following key features:

  • Analysis improvements
    – Resolution of DRB4*01:03:01:02N by allele database extension
    – Improved crossmapping detection on DRB loci
  • Reporting improvements
    – Allele frequency reporting based on the database of www.allelefrequencies.net
    – Hemizygous DRB reporting based on linkage disequilibrium
    – Guidance for dropouts vs not expected alleles
  • Usability improvements
    – Notification about new IMGT/HLA database availability
    – Enhanced visualization of variants and heterozygosity
    – Faster loading of every sample in the genome browser

If you have an older version of HLA Twin and want to upgrade to the latest version or if you would like assistance with anything else, please contact support@omixon.com