Omixon “Rode the Bull” Again – ASHI, 2016

Following on from the trends set last year, eight excited members of the Omixon Team went on a trip to outride the best in the rodeo of ASHI 2016 in St. Louis, MO. Thanks to One Lambda for including a mechanical bull to literally let the bull-times ride! Although headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Omixon’s Team originate from all over the world bringing a wealth of experience to best serve our diverse community with Superstar Team Members with experience from all around the HLA world!

The Hyatt Regency provided excellent operational services and organization for the Omixon booth – right in the middle of the Exhibition Floor. Thanks to FedEx – our booth arrived in time this year! And yes, we did it, we made it, we had a great fun in the Gateway to the Mid-West and enjoyed the entire conference and associated social events.

Omixon hosted two software training workshops on the Monday – one for beginners and another one for our HLA Twin advanced users. The basic workshop exceeded our expectations. More than 37 interested people showed up to learn more about the software which is part of our Holotype HLA kit, co-developed by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The feedback was amazing. During our cocktail party organized at the Hilton 360 bar, the FAS team received excellent reviews from attendees and set the tone for the social scene of Omixon at ASHI 2016.

At our Lunchtime Symposium on Thursday, Omixon released our latest Star Wars-themed movie trailer – TransPlant Wars that produced many smiles and laughs! We also delivered on some more serious messages for the community from CCO Dr. Peter Meintjes, CEO Tim Hague and four guest presenters on NGS Accreditation for the ASHI Standards alongside other product related updates. We would like to thank all our customers, distributors, agents and guests for visiting our booth. Special thanks to all our guest speakers – Dr. Lee Ann Baxter-Lowe, Dr. Zahra Kashi, Doreen Sese and Prof. Dimitri Monos –  for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come and be part of our event and to all organizers for this amazing conference.