Maggi Woronkowicz Joins Expanding US Operations for Omixon

maggiOmixon is delighted to announce that Maggi Woronkowicz will join Omixon’s expanding US Operations as a new Sales Director, Americas. Maggi will be joining Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Peter Meintjes and Sales Director, Faisal Mojaddidi. The US operations will additionally be expanded with Omixon’s senior Field Applications Scientist, and Head of Lab and Field Operations, Efi Melista, while Efi’s European Field Application Scientist Team will expand to include Dr. Libor Kolesar, the former DNA Lab Supervisor for 12 years at the IKEM HLA Lab in Prague.

About Maggi
With almost 20 years of experience in the HLA field, Maggi is excited to join the Omixon team and begin her new role as Sales Director, Americas with Omixon Inc.  Maggi’s passion for the life sciences began early and culminated in her receiving her Bachelor of Science from University of Maryland, College Park and her Master of Science from The Johns Hopkins University.  Shortly after, she began her clinical HLA training at the Johns Hopkins Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory in Baltimore, Maryland and she credits what she learned at this national leading transplant center as the solid foundation that her HLA career is built upon.  While working in the clinical atmosphere she earned her CHT, CHS and SEOPF Specialist certifications.  With a strong interest in new and emerging technologies for HLA typing and antibody screening, Maggi shifted her interest to the industry and has worked for a number of leading HLA companies.  During this time she has had the privilege on taking on roles in both technical and sales positions.  The combination of experiences in the clinical, as well as, the biotech industry have given Maggi a strong sense of devotion to the HLA community and a deep appreciation for the contribution it makes to those in need of organ transplantation. She is excited to contribute her knowledge, enthusiasm and experience to Omixon’s expert team and continue to bring Omixon’s leading Next Generation Sequencing Technology to Transplant Centers in Canada, the US and South America.