The New, Blazing Fast HLA Twin v4.2

Two month ago, Omixon announced the release of the newest HLA Twin version which featured significant improvements in the software’s performance and responsiveness that facilitated the result review process and overall analysis workflow.

Omixon team has been working on additional and even more significant improvements in HLA Twin. This time the improvements concern the analysis time per sample in the software. Following discussions with our customers, we knew that this was the point that needed to be worked on. After working on the algorithms themselves and the analysis pipeline as a whole, intense testing and extensive validation, the reduction in analysis time was too significant not to share with the HLA Twin users immediately. 

Consequently, Omixon is proud to announce the release of the newest, highly responsive and blazing fast version of HLA Twin v4.2. The new version is available in RUO and CE-IVD editions and supported in all operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux) in standalone or server options. 

Although several known bugs, such as data export, visualization and software behavior bugs have also been fixed, the biggest improvement that we are most excited about is the analysis time reduction up to 70%! Additionally, the analysis time has been made almost entirely independent of the IMGT/HLA database, which means that future updates of the ever expanding IMGT database will not negatively affect the analysis time of the software.

To achieve all of this, a new analysis mode has been introduced to the software that we call the Fast Mode. The Fast mode contains 2 major improvements; changes and significant optimization of algorithm steps, as well as a new, highly efficient result saving scheme. Finally,  all of these improvements and high speed analysis can be taken advantage of when using the IMGT/HLA database v3.38 or newer, allowing users to maintain the required accreditation criteria. 

For a complete list of the improvements and detailed release notes, please visit  this page.

For more information on the new versions of HLA Twin, for future suggestions and requests of features that would help your own laboratory workflow, please contact

We are always happy to hear from HLA Twin software users and implement what is important for your daily workflow.