Holotype hla™

    HLA typing Assay by NGS for use on Illumina® sequencers combined with HLA Twin Software.


    Multiplex Assay and Software product that offers a revolutionary single working-day workflow.

    HLA Explore™

    Advanced HLA genotyping software for genetics / genomics researchers to interpret any NGS data.

    Monotype ABO™

    Long-range amplification kit that leverages the power of the Holotype HLA™ workflow.

    What we do

    Omixon is a molecular diagnostics company dedicated to transitioning the HLA community to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies with its best-in-class assays and software.

    Highest level of leadership

    Our key opinion leaders and major collaborators in the HLA community have provided the highest level of leadership for several decades and helped pave the way for the adoption of NGS.

    Omixon has evolved into a global molecular diagnostics company that is currently focused on driving the adoption of NGS in the clinic with Holotype HLA™, the world’s leading NGS-based HLA genotyping Assay and Software product.

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    Our flagship product Holotype HLA™ was designed in a clinical lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by Professor Dimitri Monos. It is a combination NGS Assay and Software product for use on Illumina® sequencers.

    Believe the data:

    • 110+ HLA labs trained onsite worldwide
    • 50+ HLA labs in clinical routine worldwide
    • 20+ customers using CE-IVD products in Europe
    • 12 labs ASHI or CAP accredited in North-America
    • 6 labs EFI accredited in Europe
    • 253 samples for ASHI validation study at CHOP

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