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Omixon is a global molecular diagnostics company, empowering clinical labs with technologies to improve patient outcomes by commercializing disruptive innovations specializing in targeted applications for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). The Omixon Holotype HLA™ product combines a targeted HLA Assay and the Omixon HLA Twin™ software to deliver the most accurate high-resolution HLA genotyping available. Omixon maintains an active grant-funded research program and assists scientists and clinicians to analyze the most challenging genomic regions including HLA, KIR and ABO.


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Learn Me Video Series – What’s New in HLA Twin 1.1.3

Welcome to the latest video in Omixon’s “Learn Me” Video Series. In this short video, we are going to show you what’s new in the latest version of HLA TWIN 1.1.3. Click here to watch the previous “Learn Me” videos, and …more

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Omixon at the EFI Annual Meeting 2016

Omixon announce today that Holotype HLA™ and other Omixon products will be featured in six poster presentations produced by Holotype customers at the annual meeting of the European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI) on Kos, in Greece. Additionally, Omixon’s Lunch Symposium …more

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