Join Our Upcoming Webinar – Changes on Allele Frequencies Net Database to Support NGS in Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics


Join us at our Omixon Webinar to discover the changes happening to the allele frequencies database and the impact of NGS on histocompatibility and immunogenetics.

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The disruptive power of Next Generation Sequencing is reshaping the nature of modern Immunogenetics with the ability to fully characterize the necessary HLA genes for every patient. Omixon Holotype HLA is not only empowering clinical labs with unambiguous HLA typings to improve patient care, but also supporting the research to create further breakthroughs in the HLA field with the studies of intronic variation, disease association and companion diagnostic biomarker discovery.

The Omixon Academy’s special guest speaker will be Derek Middleton, PhD, DSc, Lab Director of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital, and the founder and curator of the Allele Frequencies Online Database.

Date: Thursday, 10th March, 2016

Time: 9am–10am EST (3–4pm CET)

  • Introduction of Omixon
  • Introduction of our Guest Speaker
  • Presentation – Derek Middleton
  • HLA Twin Software 1.1.3 Presentation, Live Demo
  • Summary & Benefits 
  • Q&A Session


  • Derek Middleton, PhD, DSc (Lab Director, Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital)
  • Tim Hague (CEO, Omixon)
  • Marcello Scala (Sales Manager, EMEA & Asia, Omixon)

A live Q&A session will follow the presentation, offering you the opportunity to put forward any questions. Following registration, you will receive a confirmation email containing information for joining this event. This Webinar will be recorded and material is available on request.