Omixon’s upcoming HLA typing webinar

Broadcast date: 3rd July 2013, Wednesday

Time: 12.00-1.00 PM EDT/ 18.00-19.00 CET

Come and join our CEO, Attila Berces online in a presentation and demo of how Omixon Target HLA typing will bring you value during the analysis of NGS data.

Our guest speaker is Dr. Dimitri Monos, University of Pennsylvania and The Children”s Hospital of Philadelphia, who will talk about his experiences with HLA typing protocol development on NGS platform.

Currently, there are 69 on-going clinical trials investigating HLA as a potential biomarker for safety or efficacy.  It appears that beside being the most important marker in transplantation, HLA is becoming a more important biomarker for cancer therapeutic development as well. The analytical performance of NGS-based genetic tests highly depends on the bioinformatics software. Although the current false variant rate can be acceptable for research market, it is simply unsuitable for making clinical decisions. Omixon tailors the analysis for the sequencer, amplification method, primer kit, and the characteristics of the gene target itself.  This approach results in a robust and highly accurate method to identify genetic variants.

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In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to reduce ambiguity and increase resolution
  • How to achieve the highest accuracy
  • How to use Omixon Target HLA as an HLA-typing tool
  • How to increase efficiency by reducing effort, time and cost

Who should attend?

  • Scientists and researchers from HLA-typing labs
  • Molecular biologists working with NGS
  • Medical professionals working in transplantation,oncology and immunology
  • Bioinformathics working in transplantaion, oncology and immunology


  • Dr. Dimitri Monos
  • Attila Berces, PhD

A live Q&A session will follow the presentation, offering you the opportunity to put forward your questions.

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Omixon's upcoming HLA typing webinar