Introduction of HLA Twin v3.0, ABO Typing and Interesting HLA Typing Cases

Join us for our live product demo and get a guided tour of the features and functionality of HLA Twin v3.0 genotyping software! Libor Kolesár, our Field Application Scientist will walk you through the software, introduce recent updates and the new features that analyze ABO genotypes. The webinar will showcase how to boost your daily data analysis and interpretation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see HLA Twin v3.0 in action!

Date: Thursday, 13th September, 2018
Time: 9:00am – 10:00am EDT (3:00pm–4:00pm CET)


 Webinar Content

  • Welcome by Efi Melista (Head of Product, Omixon)
  • HLA Twin Software Live Demonstration by Libor Kolesár (Field Application Scientist, Omixon)
  • Introduction and recent updates
    • New features – ABO typing
    • Case studies
  • Live Q&A Session
Efi Melista (Head of Product, Omixon)
A geneticist by training with a strong interest and background in research who got won over by biotechnology and the commercial world. After completing her studies, Efi moved to the USA to work on a variety of research projects at Boston University, MA, including the genetic basis of sickle cell anemia disease, β-thalassaemia, cardiac disease, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD and even longevity. Her love and fascination for technology allowed her to accumulate immense expertise in cutting-edge technologies used in genomics and molecular diagnostics, including extensive hands-on work on several Next Generation Sequencing platforms. For Omixon, she is the product leader and is responsible for leading the Field Applications Scientist team to ensure excellent customer field support as well as for the coordination and execution of Omixon’s product development plans by the Lab Scientist teams at our partner labs.


Dr. Libor Kolesár (Field Application Scientist, Omixon)
Libor is the former co-director of the HLA Laboratory at the Department of Immunogenetics in IKEM, Prague, Czech Republic, where he spent 12 years of his career. During that period he achieved his PhD degree in Immunology. He is skilled in HLA typing, HLA antibody screening and identification. His laboratory experiences include introduction of SBT and different SSOP techniques, not to mention the deep knowledge of different laboratory analytical softwares. He was responsible for the management of quality assurance. He also works as an external auditor for Domestic Institute for Accreditation. He is a co-author of several original papers preferentially aimed at the genetics of HLA and cytokines.