Advances in Disease Associations Using NGS-based HLA Typing – Lunchtime Symposium at EFI 2019

Omixon is pleased to announce our Symposium at the 2019 EFI Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal which will focus on HLA typing in disease associations using NGS, featuring two guest speakers, Dr. Mohamed Jahromi (Dasman Diabetes Institute, Kuwait) and Professor Mehdi Tafti (University of Lausanne, Switzerland).
Additionally, our CEO, Dr. Peter Meintjes, will announce major product enhancements and new directions for the company.



Event  Advances in Disease Associations Using NGS-based HLA Typing 
Room  Fernando Pessoa, Centro Cultural de Belém
Date    Thursday, May 9th, 2019
Time    12:15-13:00 WET



  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Presentations by Guest Speakers
    • Dr. Mohamed Jahromi: “Characterization of Type 1 Diabetes in Kuwaiti Population Using NGS-based HLA Typing”
    • Prof. Mehdi Tafti: “Case-control and Genome-wide HLA Associations in Narcolepsy”
  • Announcement of Major Product Enhancements by Dr. Peter Meintjes (CEO, Omixon)