Monotype HLA™

Typing single HLA loci for disease associations and drug sensitivity?

Monotype HLA is a suite of Assay and Software combination products for single-locus HLA typing.

  • The assay leverages the power of the Holotype HLA workflow, providing high throughput and high resolution genotyping to facilitate disease association research, population genetics studies and drug sensitivity testing.

  • The analysis of high resolution HLA data is supported by HLA Twin, the most accurate genotyping software for the processing of NGS data.

Product Configurations

Customize: If you are interested in any other HLA locus to be typed, please contact us for further details or send an inquiry to

You can contact us directly or through your local distributor by placing an inquiry.

Product Highlights


  • Identical protocol for integration with Holotype HLA to maximize flow cell usage
  • Amplify only the loci you need for optimal flow cell usage
  • Pre-sample indexing up to 576 samples per run ***
  • Simple workflow and technician-friendly protocol
  • Automated protocol for pre/post PCR
  • Whole gene amplification
  • Optimized size-selection of fragmented amplicon libraries to help resolve phase and reduce ambiguity
  • Indexed adaptors (avoid bias from 2nd PCR step)
  • Multiple safe stopping points
  • Fully phased whole gene consensus squences
  • Customizable kit configuration
  • Flexible sequencing strategy to support pooling of different libraries
  • Kit splitting and flexibility
  • Elimination of error-prone pipetting steps


All timings are for 192 samples, Monotype HLA v3.0
*     Timings are based on the Biomek 4000 by Beckman Coulter
**   On a MiSeq 300-cycle Micro flow cell
*** Lead time for >192 barcodes varies. Consult your local sales representative for an accurate estimated delivery

What is included in the kit?

  • Primer Component Box for 24 or 96 samples
  • Library Preparation Reagents Component Box for 24 or 96 samples
  • 96 Well Adaptor Plate
  • NGS Excel Workbook
  • HLA Twin - dual algorithm genotyping software

Technical and Equipment Requirements

  • MiniSeq, MiSeq or NextSeq
  • Thermal Cycler
  • Plate fluorometer or qPCR instrument
  • 64-bit computer with a minimum of 16 GB RAM
  • Library Size Selection: Pippin Prep or Magnetic Beads

HLA Disease Associations*

  • Ankylosing spondylitis ( A24)
  • Diabetes, type I (A1, A24)
  • Hematochromatosis (A3)
  • Myasthenia gravis (A4, A24, A30)
  • T-cell adult Leukemia (A26, A28)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (A3)
  • Papilloma virus susept (A11)
  • Spontaneous abortion (A2)

  • Stevens–Johnson syndrome (HLA-B*1502)
  • HIV (B27, B35, B57)
  • Crohn's disease (B27)
  • Ulcerative colitis (B27)
  • Ankylosing spondylitis (B27)

  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia(HLA-C*16)
  • Multinodular goiters(Cw1)

  • Anemia (DR5,DR15)
  • Aneurysm (DR16)
  • Arteritis (DR16)
  • Arthritis (DR1, DR4, DR5, DR8, DR12)
  • Cardiomyopathy (DR4)
  • Colitis (DR1)
  • Diabetes (type 1 - DR3, type 2 - DR8)
  • Encephalomyelitis (DR17)
  • Encephalopathy (DR52)
  • Epilepsy (DR5, DR17)
  • Heart disease (DR16)
  • Hepatitis (DR2, DR11)
  • Lupus (DR3, DR4, DR15)
  • Lymphadenopathy (DR5)
  • Myasthenia (DR1, DR3)
  • Myositis (DR17)
  • Nephritis(DR1)
  • Nephropathy(DR4)
  • Pemphigus(DR1, DR4)
  • Psoriasis (DR1)
  • Papillomatosis (DR1)
  • Sarcoidosis (DR17)
  • Sclerosis (DR2, DR3, DR3, DR4, DR12)
  • Schizophrenia (DR1)
  • Susceptibility (DR2, DR3, DR5, DR8, DR10, DR11)
  • Thyroiditis (DR3)
  • Uveitis (DR1)

  • Multiple sclerosis (DRB3*02:02)
  • Graves disease (DRB3*01:01)

  • Childhood ALL (DRB4*01)

  • Lupus (DRB5*01:01)
  • Scleroderoma (DRB5*01:05)

  • Diabetes (type-1 DPA1*01:03)
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis (DPA1*01:03)

  • Rheumatoid arthritis ( DPB1*05:10 )
  • Graves disease ( DPB1*05:01)
  • Multiple sclerosis (DPB1*05:01)

  • Diabetes (DQB1*02:01, DQB1*03:02)
  • Celiac disease ( DQB1*02:01, DQB1*02:02, DQB1 *03:02)
  • Narcolepsy (DQB1*06:02)
  • Multiple sclerosis (DQB1*06:02)

  • Celiac disease(DQA1*05:01)
  • Myasthenia gravis (DQA1*01:01, DQA1*01:02)
  • Podoniosis (DQA1*02:01)
  • Eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (DQA1*06:01)
  • Achalasia(DQA1*01:03)

*Disclaimer: This list is not complete. There are a lot of new discoveries and the list will be updated regularly. 

All Omixon products are available as RUO and certain configurations of Holotype HLA are available as CE-IVD in Europe where marked.