OneZoom and the Importance of Visualization

At Omixon, we develop applications such as Omixon Target with a vision of helping clinical labs to adopt next generation sequencing for the analysis of diagnostic gene targets. It means we come up with solutions that visualize very complicated structures in an easily understandable way.

This is why it was great to see OneZoom, a visualization method focusing on the tree of life.

OneZoom is committed to heightening awareness about the diversity of life on earth, its evolutionary history and the threats of extinction. This website allows you to explore the tree of life in a completely new way: it’s like a map, everything is on one page, all you have to do is zoom in and out. OneZoom also provides free, open source, data visualisation tools for science and education, currently focusing on the tree of life.

We keep being committed to bringing detailed genomic data into the clinical practice.