Omixon’s First “Learn Me” Video on the New Features of HLA Twin™

New Feature Highlights

A new release of Omixon HLA Twin is now available. Major re-design has taken place to provide a simplified workspace while adding several new features and improvements.

Top New Features in HLA Twin 1.1.2

  • Modified Dashboard similar to a File Browser enhancing quicker access to the drives, folders and raw sequence files.
  • One-click method to analyse a single sample or multiple samples simultaneously
  • Analysis supporting four new loci (DRB3, DRB4, DRB5, DPA1)
  • Separately stored results of additional reanalysis to track change with different protocols
  • Searchable Help function to provide guidance in the new environment
  • New navigation functions to reach the Genome Browser
  • IMGT reference numbering for all positions
  • New assignment, approval and commenting features to support the lab workflow
  • Customizable PDF report export improvements
  • And more usability improvements!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 13.29.38Check out all the New Features in our first Learn Me Video “What’s new in HLA Twin 1.1.2



If you have an older version of HLA Twin and want to upgrade to the latest version or if you would like assistance with anything else, please contact