Omixon release SOLiD variant detection plug-in for CLC bio’s platform

08 Feb 2011

Today, CLC bio and Omixon announced the release of the Omixon Gapped SOLiD Alignment plug-in for full integration into CLC Genomics Workbench. CLC bio is a leader in algorithm performance and provides an integrated solution for high-throughput sequencing data analysis, and Omixon is a leader in variant detection accuracy with their application for Life Technologies’ SOLiD sequencing platform. The release agreement allows CLC bio to offer Omixon’s plug-in directly to customers.

“In every consulting project we found biologically significant variants in significant numbers missed by other NGS analysis methods and eliminated false positive calls. With this collaboration, the benefits of the Omixon software can reach significantly more scientists. We plan to release a solution for CLC Genomics Server shortly and will continue to develop features for our plug-in that our new customers request.

Attila Berces, CEO of Omixon

CLC bio and Omixon have implemented different approaches to analyzing high-throughput sequencing data. While CLC bio’s software is a general platform for handling any sequence data regardless of which sequencing platform it originates from. Omixon’s approach is to develop data analysis solutions specifically designed for particular sequencing technologies and among other things take DNA evolution models into account. The two approaches have complementary benefits.

“With all the exciting research going on within the high-throughput sequencing field right now, we know we realistically won’t be able to accommodate every single feature request from our customers, which is why we’re very excited to announce this collaboration with Omixon, so we can offer their best-in-class solution directly to our customers.”