Next Generation Sequencing in Hematology

The Top 3 specialties in which doctors spend the most hours online per week is hematology, endocrinology and OB/GYN. Hematologists are generally interested in HLA, and as Omixon Target HLA offers the highest possible HLA typing precision, we keep an eye on the medical literature and seek opportunities through which we can assist them in clinical decision making.

Here is a new paper from Kohlmann et al. entitled :

Next-generation sequencing platforms have evolved to provide an accurate and comprehensive means for the detection of molecular mutations in heterogeneous tumour specimens.

Here, we review the feasibility and practicality of this novel laboratory technology. In particular, we focus on the utility of next-generation sequencing technology in characterizing haematological neoplasms and the landmark findings in key haematological malignancies. We also discuss deep-sequencing strategies to analyse the constantly increasing number of molecular markers applied for disease classification, patient stratification and individualized monitoring of minimal residual disease.

This is a great area in which NGS has an amazing future.