New Release – HLA Twin RUO 2.1.2

Omixon has recently announced a major release for HLA Twin, version 2.1.2. – the world’s most accurate, high throughput HLA genotyping software. Thanks to all your feedback and comments, we are delighted to announce a range of new features below:

  •         HML improvements
  • New pairwise alignment base variant generation method
  • Improved reference selection:
    • For not fully defined best matching alleles, the closest fully defined alleles are used as references
    • For novel allele results, the base allele is used as a reference
  • Loci with no allele calls are no longer exported
  • Consistent naming convention for extended allele handling
  • Targeted locus list handling fixed in protocols
  • Temp folder is now created by the application if a non-existing folder was specified during installation
  • Null alleles and novel alleles no longer get trimmed in low resolution PDF and HML exports
  • Temporary file cleanup improved

If you have an older version of HLA Twin and want to upgrade to the latest version or if you would like assistance with anything else, please contact To read the full list of previous Release Notes, please click here.