Interview with Tim Hague, the new CEO of Omixon

Tim Hague, the new CEO of Omixon, answered some of our questions about the future of next generation sequencing and more.

What have you been working on at Omixon so far?

Up to now, I’ve been Omixon’s Chief Technology Officer, so I’ve been concentrating on leading the research and development teams and on building the Omixon software products, including our flagship product, Omixon Target. Two years ago we started with a blank sheet of paper and a few algorithms, and now we have a suite of NGS bioinformatics tools including ones for HLA Typing and targeted data analysis, and I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved so far. I’ve also been involved in supporting the sales people and I’ve helped out quite a bit with customer support, account management, marketing and the web site.

What does your new role mean to you? What does it change?

I’m extremely excited about my new role, which gives me the opportunity to be involved in setting the future direction for the company, and to help to ensure that the product we have built will be a success. I will now also be responsible for the sales and marketing teams in addition to the research and development teams, and I’ll be looking after HR and finance, and overviewing the business development and partnerships. I won’t be doing much software development any more!

What are your short-term plans at Omixon?

My first task will a sit-down chat with everyone involved with Omixon, to gather everyone’s ideas and suggestions for the future. On the product side we’re going to concentrate on our NGS HLA Typing with ‘big data’ such as whole genome and whole exome data. We’re going to be working hard to improve all our processes across the board. We are – as always – committed to providing first-rate customer support, this will continue to be a big focus for us.

Interview with Tim Hague, the new CEO of Omixon