Flashcard Fridays – The Neanderthal Genome Project

I’ve already written a little bit about the 1000 Genomes project, so for today here is something that is somewhat similar, but possibly even more cool: the Neanderthal Genome Project (Ensembl, UCSC, official webpage of the project on the Max Planck Institute website).

A Draft Sequence of the Neandertal Genome Green et al. 2010

And a few other interesting webpages and articles:

Webpage about human fossils created by the Smithsonian.

Homo neanderthalensis page on the Australian Museum webpage.

Targeted Investigation of the Neandertal Genome by Array-Based Sequence Capture Burbano et al. 2010

The Date of Interbreeding between Neandertals and Modern Humans Sankararaman et al. 2012

Homo sapiens, Homo neanderthalensis and the Denisova specimen: New insights on their evolutionary histories using whole-genome comparisons Paixão-Côrtes et al. 2012

Neanderthal genomics and the evolution of modern humans Noonan 2010

A complete Neandertal mitochondrial genome sequence determined by high-throughput sequencing Green et al. 2008