Events Calendar 2020

Represented By
MEDLAB Dubai Conference February 3-6 Dubai, UAE AGBL
TCT (BMT) Conference February 19-23 Orlando, FL, USA Omixon
AGBT Conference February 23-26 Marco Island, FL, USA Omixon
CEOT Conference March 5-7 Phoenix, AZ, USA Omixon
EWIC Conference March 5-7 Budapest, Hungary Omixon
ARSHI (Cancelled) Conference March 6-8 Abu Dhabi, UAE Omixon, AGBL
All-Russian Сonference Conference March 12-13 Moscow, Russia Omixon
ASHI Regional Education Workshop I (Cancelled) Conference April 23-25 San Diego, CA, USA Omixon
EFI / BSHI 2020 (Postponed to 2021) Conference April 26-29 Glasgow, Scotland Omixon
ATC (Cancelled) Conference May 30 - June 3 Philadelphia, PA, USA Omixon
ASHI Regional Education Workshop 2 (Cancelled) Conference June 18-20 Philadelphia, PA, USA Omixon
Texas Transplantation Society Conference July 16-19 Houston, TX Omixon
ASHI Regional Education Workshop Conference Aug 21 & 28 Virtual meeting Omixon
SFHI  (Postponed to 2021) Conference October 1-2 Lyon, France Omixon
ASHI 2020 Conference October 19-23 Virtual meeting Omixon
SBTMO Conference October 26-30 Virtual meeting Omixon


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