Continued Innovation – Holotype HLA V2.2

Omixon is delighted to announce the latest evolution of our world-leading HLA Typing product – Holotype HLA V2.1 and V2.2. Both versions deliver improved amplification robustness, increased allele coverage across Class II loci and decreased the library preparation turnaround time to ~4.3h. The major difference between V2.1 and V2.2 is choice – you may continue to use the Pippin Prep for size selection, or use our new bead-based size selection, optimized for automation and higher throughput on all flow cells. Ready to test bead-based size selection? Email us at now!

Major Holotype HLA v2.X features:

  • Kit updates – new primer design, improvement in locus coverage and performance:
    • HLA-DQB1 full gene coverage in a single amplification reaction
    • Demultiplexing of HLA-DPA1 and HLA-DPB1 to maximize assay and locus usage flexibility
    • Improved HLA-DRB4 performance
  • Protocol updates – faster, more flexible: 
    • 35 minutes shorter turnaround time due to the optimized end-repair and ligation steps
    • User to choose between Pippin Prep-based size selection and bead-based size selection
    • Overall 50 minutes shorter turnaround time if implementing the new library preparation kit and performing bead-based size selection

Combined with the time-savings from V2.0, Holotype customers enjoy the fastest and easiest NGS-based protocol available. Stay tuned – next month we’re upgrading HLA Twin, with all new bells and whistles!

As ever, your feedback is invaluable to further develop our products – we look forward to hearing from you! Please contact us with comments and inquiries at