Multiplexing FAST & EASY

OmniType is the next evolution in HLA genotyping by NGS. It is a Research Use Only Multiplex product for use on the Illumina iSeq, MiniSeq, MiSeq and NextSeq. OmniType offers a revolutionary single working-day workflow that allows processing of samples from DNA to Library in about 6 hours, loading the Illumina sequencer before the end of day 1 to get results the next day.


An NGS protocol for HLA typing that enables you to reduce your processing turnaround and hands-on time significantly in a single working day.


OmniType's workflow is streamlined and easy to follow. Although automation is not necessary, the simplicity of the protocol is compatible with any liquid handling system. Just as importantly, all 11 HLA loci are amplified in a single reaction and all library preparation reagents come pre-mixed and pre-aliquoted in color coded strip tubes, that not only minimize the pipetting, but also minimize the risk for user errors.


Data is automatically analyzed upon sequencing run completion. Results in HLA Twin require minimal user review. The optimized quality control metrics and numerous useful features of the software offer confidence in reporting unambiguous patient results.

Value Added

Sample Preparation

  • Multiplex: 1 tube / sample for 11 loci
  • 200ng of DNA per sample required for 11 loci amplification
  • Fast LR-PCR: 2 h 15 min amplification
  • 1 PCR machine required for up to 96 samples / 11 loci

Library Preparation

  • No amplicon pooling
  • 3 hours Total Time
  • About 1 hour hands-on time
  • Balanced coverage between alleles across the locus, among all loci in a sample and among all samples
  • Pre-mixed and pre-aliquoted, color-coded reagents
  • Pre-plated unique indexes

Product Highlights

  • DNA to Library in about 6 hours
  • About 90 minutes hands-on time
  • Simple workflow and technician-friendly protocol
  • Automatable protocol for pre/post PCR
  • Comprehensive genomic coverage
  • Two orthogonal / independent algorithms
  • Fully phased whole gene consensus sequences

HLA Twin Data Analysis - Confidence, Quality and Speed

  • Two independent genotyping algorithms
  • 24 Quality Control Metrics for confident assignment
  • Automated genotyping after Illumina sequencing run
  • Seamless user review workflow
  • Integrated with all major LIMS platforms, multiple export file formats
  • Supports parallelized analysis to further decrease analysis time*
  • Support for macOS, Windows and Linux







The product is Research Use Only.