OmniType™ – Early Access Only

Multiplexing for HLA Experts

OmniType is the next evolution in HLA genotyping by NGS. It is a Research Use Only Multiplex product for use on the Illumina iSeq, MiniSeq, MiSeq and NextSeq. OmniType offers a revolutionary single working-day workflow that allows processing of samples from DNA to Library in less than 6 hours, loading the Illumina sequencer before the end of day 1 to get results the next day.

OmniType is available under Early Access. Read more about the Early Access Program here.

Sample Preparation

  • Multiplex: 1 tube / sample for 11 loci
  • 100ng of DNA per sample required for 11 loci amplification
  • Fast LR-PCR: 2 h 15 min amplification
  • 1 PCR machine required for up to 96 samples / 11 loci

Library Preparation

  • No amplicon pooling
  • Reduced pipetting steps: Pre-mixed and pre-aliquoted reagents
  • 3 hours total time
  • About 2 hours hands-on time
  • Balanced coverage between alleles across the locus, among all loci in a sample and among all samples

Value Added

Product Highlights

  • DNA to Library in less than 6 hours
  • About 2 hours hands-on time
  • Simple workflow and technician-friendly protocol
  • Automatable protocol for pre/post PCR
  • Comprehensive genomic coverage
  • Two orthogonal / independent algorithms
  • Fully phased whole gene consensus sequences

HLA Twin Data Analysis - Confidence, Quality and Speed

  • Two independent genotyping algorithms
  • 24 Quality Control Metrics for confident assignment
  • Automated genotyping after Illumina sequencing run
  • Seamless user review workflow
  • Integrated with all major LIMS platforms, multiple export file formats
  • Supports parallelized analysis to further decrease analysis time
  • Support for macOS, Windows and Linux







The product is Research Use Only.