Press Release

September 27, 2022

Omixon Launches NanoTYPETM RUO, a Multiplex Human Leukocyte Antigen Amplification kit compatible with Oxford Nanopore’s MinIONTM Platform and Enters into an Agreement with Oxford Nanopore Technologies

High resolution histocompatibility testing for urgent transplant cases made possible within five hours turnaround time

The ability to give a high resolution typing within 5 hours enables an unprecedented simplification of histocompatibility testing by going from HLA alleles to epitopes. The number of HLA alleles is in the tens of thousands, while the number of epitopes is only in the hundreds. This simplification can help to locate suitable donors faster for patients who already have pre-existing antibodies against certain HLA epitopes. Such high-risk patients die on the waiting lists in disproportionately higher numbers.”

Prof. Ilias Doxiadis, former Managing Director of the Eurotransplant Reference Laboratory at the University Hospital Leiden and consultant for histocompatibility & immunogenetics at University Hospital Leipzig.

High resolution histocompatibility testing for urgent transplant cases made possible within five hours turnaround time.

Omixon is a transplantation diagnostics company with customers in 25 countries, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, with subsidiaries in Cambridge, MA and Utrecht, Netherlands. With core competences in bioinformatics, software engineering, molecular diagnostics, quality, and regulatory science. Omixon designs in vitro diagnostic products under ISO13485 to improve transplant outcomes. Omixon was the first company to enable unambiguous histocompatibility genetic testing - called HLA genotyping - on a next generation sequencing platform. Omixon recently introduced NanoTYPE, the first high resolution transplant compatibility test within five hours turnaround time on the Oxford Nanopore sequencing platform.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ goal is to bring the widest benefits to society through enabling the analysis of anything, by anyone, anywhere. The company has developed a new generation of nanopore-based sensing technology for real-time, high-performance, accessible, and scalable analysis of DNA and RNA. The technology is used in more than 120 countries to understand the biology of humans and diseases such as cancer, plants, animals, bacteria, viruses, and whole environments. Oxford Nanopore Technologies products are intended for molecular biology applications and are not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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