Norbert Farkas
Head of Sales

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Norbert received his Bachelor of Art in Business Studies Degree from International Business School Budapest and Oxford Brookes University.
He has more than 20 years of extensive international sales and business development experience ranging from light therapy medical device distribution to international franchise network management and start-up businesses founding and mentoring.


Nina Lauterbach
Head of  FAS

Vera Siffnerova 
Field Application Scientist

Péter Romada
Sales Manager

Nina Kvachuk
Sales Manager, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

Mathieu Dewez
Technical Sales Specialist

The Americas

Michael Mignogno
Sales Manager US

Gustavo Milson
Technical & Sales Specialist

Lisa Creary
Field Application Scientist

Terrence Gelineau
Field Application Scientist

Amy Hardin
Field Application Scientist


Veronika Balázsi
Marketing  Executive

Dorottya Oláh
Marketing  Executive

Technical Support

János Tóth
Head of Technical Support

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János has been “playing” with computers since his childhood. He had to learn to solve his own issues the hard way, without Internet, Google or Stack Overflow.
He studied Radio Telecommunication and Electrical Engineering at the University, but he has always been more interested in IT.
After the University, János worked for Nokia and Microsoft as a Manufacturing Test Engineer in Mobile Phone manufacturing, where his main role was to provide quick and effective solutions for every problem that arose. He has always been the “troubleshooter” in his teams.
16 years in mass production helped him how to think out-of-the box, how to adapt quickly, how to learn new systems, troubleshooting methods and how to solve problems in systematic ways. János' LinkedIn profile

Eszter Antal
Technical Support Engineer

Gábor Ferencz
IT Support Specialist

Romulo Vianna
Technical Support Engineer, US


Dániel Horváth
Head of Logistics

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Dániel has graduated at Budapest Business University in Economics, and started his career as a Supply Chain Manager at a Hungary-based freezer manufacturing company.

He gained expertise handling freights on land, air and waterways. In 2018, he was registered as a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor at the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.
Since joining the team in 2016, he is responsible for supervising Omixon's warehouse operations, such as managing the growing export demand from more than 30 countries. Daniel's LinkedIn profile.

Péter Haraszti

Péter Haraszti
Supply Chain Coordinator

Péter Haraszti

Zsuzsanna Dugasz
Export Coordinator

Product Management

Libor Kolesár, P.h.D.
Assay Product Manager

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Libor's LinkedIn profile.

Assay & RnD

Krisztina Gábor
Head of Laboratory

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Krisztina has

Gergely Csima

Linda Komporday

Barbara Francz


Dóra Rónai

Laboratory Technician

Dorottya Pető

Laboratory Technician

Dóra Ugranyecz

Dóra Ugranyecz
Laboratory Project Assistant

Bianka Tóth

Bianka Tóth
Laboratory Technician

Software Research

Krisztina Rigó
Head of Software Research

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After receiving an MSc in Zoology, Krisztina spent three years as a post-graduate researcher. During this time, she gained experience with molecular biology methods, experiment design, and statistics. Since she joined the Omixon team as a Junior Bioinformatician in 2011, she has been involved in product development, testing, and validation and participated in a variety of research projects. In 2017, she was appointed as the Head of Software Research. Krisztina's LinkedIn profile

Réka Nagy
Senior Bioinformatician

Kinga Sükösd
Medior Bioinformatician

Zsuzsanna Gergely
Medior Bioinformatician

Tamás Beke
Junior Bioinformatician

Ádám Szigethi
Junior Bioinformatician

Marcell László Marton
Junior Bioinformatician

Software Development

György Molnár
Head of Software Development

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György's ....

Zoltán Vrana
Senior Software Developer

Zsolt Kapitány
Senior Software Developer

Farkas Zsolt Morva
Medior Software Developer

Ágnes Hönich
Medior Software Developer

Gábor Schieder
Senior Tester

Mónika Nagy-Hulita
Test Engineer

Zoltan Somlyai
Senior Software Developer


Gabriella Adlovits
Regulatory Affairs Quality System Manager

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Gabriella graduated as a Technical Manager specialized in Quality Management at Budapest University of Technology. She has 10 years quality management experience in various industries (FMCG-, automobile- and bioindustry). She joined Omixon in 2015 as a Quality Engineer and was a major contributor for developing, implementing and maintaining ISO 13485 Quality Management System at Omixon. Thanks to her tenacity and enthusiasm, she acquired huge experience and knowledge in the field of IVD regulation in a short period of time resulting a promotion as a Regulatory Affairs Quality System Manager.

József Antal P.h.D.
Senior Quality and Regulatory Engineer

Beatrix Szántó
Quality Engineer

Enikő Vinkler
Quality Engineer


Mária Soltész
Senior Accountant

Erik Katona
Senior Business Analyst

Zsolt Kocsis
Accountant & Financial Controller

Katalin Pap-Murzsicz 
Finance Assistant

Human Resources

Eszter Szabó

Eszter Szabó
HR Generalist


Tímea Gábri
Executive Assistant &
Office Manager